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Low Back Pain: Who Will Respond Best to Care?..

Date: May 30, 2018 | Time: 12:00pm

Is it possible to identify which low back pain patients might experience the most benefit from spinal manipulation combined with exercise? In a 2011 study, researchers identified which patients might respond best to this combination of care and which patients might need a more aggressive approach. Directional preference (DP) describes a situation in which it feels better for the patient to move in one direction versus another. For example, if a patient feels worse bending forwards (which is quite common) and.... <view entire article>

What Treatments Work Best for Neck Pain?..

Date: May 29, 2018 | Time: 12:00pm

Experts estimate that up to 70% of people will experience an episode of neck pain in their lifetime. Though there are many potential forms of treatment available, little has been published comparing the various treatment options available to the neck pain patient. A 2012 study that involved 272 neck pain patients compared three treatment options: chiropractic, medication, and exercise. After twelve weeks of treatment, the patients who received either chiropractic care or exercise instruction reported the greatest reduction in pain. The.... <view entire article>

When It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.....

Date: May 28, 2018 | Time: 12:00pm

Numbness in the hand is a common problem that we've all had at one time or another, and unless it becomes frequent, we usually don't worry too much about it. When it starts to wake us up at night, that SHOULD get our attention! Since carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one of the most common causes of hand numbness, that must be it, right? Not necessarily! CTS is caused by pinching of the median nerve as it travels through a sometimes.... <view entire article>

Hip Exercises to Help Knee Pain - Seriously?..

Date: May 27, 2018 | Time: 12:00pm

The hip and knee are anatomically very close to one another. Functionally, there are several muscles that attach above the hip and below the knee joint. Hence, depending on the position and/or activity, the same muscle can move the hip and/or the knee. This close relationship crosses over in dysfunction as well, as patients with knee pain move differently, and the hip joint is ultimately affected. But which one is the real culprit, the chicken (hip) or the egg (knee)? In.... <view entire article>

Whiplash Injury - A "Must Read" About Important FACTS!..

Date: May 26, 2018 | Time: 12:00pm

Whiplash-associated disorders (WAD) is defined as "an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck." WAD may result from rear-end or side-impact motor vehicle collisions (MVCs), diving and other sports-related injuries, as well as from falls, assaults, and more. Because many bones and soft tissues may be involved in WAD, there are a variety of clinical signs and symptoms associated with the disorder. In 1995, the Quebec task force coined the term WAD and broke it down into five divisions: WAD.... <view entire article>

Are Probiotics Necessary? (Part 2)..

Date: May 25, 2018 | Time: 12:00pm

As discussed previously, probiotics can benefit patients with gut complications such as enteritis, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Probiotics may also help decrease allergic inflammation, treat nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and fight immune deficiency diseases. Ingesting probiotics can improve calcium absorption and bone calcium accretion to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. They may even have a role in the management of obesity and type-2 diabetes. Most probiotics are oligosaccharides and can be synthesized or obtained from natural sources including.... <view entire article>

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